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Your Fluid Body

Your Fluid Body

Roughly two thirds of the body is composed of water and the various essential substances dissolved within it. These fluids have many vital roles within the body’s systems, They are found in cells, around the body’s tissues and most obviously in blood and lymph, (a collection of extra fluid that drains from cells and tissues, including proteins, fats, minerals ,damaged cells , cancer cells and germs.)

Most parts of the body are composed largely of water.

Tissues such as the brain and the intestines are 70% to 80% water. Blood plasma is over 90% water, while bones contain 25% water.

Water is an excellent solvent, which means it dissolves complex items and it also helps to transport nutrients around the body and deliver waste materials out of the body. The body uses fluids as shock absorbers to cushion sensitive areas such as the brain, the eyes and the spinal cord. Fluids work as lubricants within the body, so that tissues and organs can slip past each other with minimum fraction. Small amounts of this type of fluid help the lungs and the pericardial around the heart and the synovial fluid inside joints such as the wrist, the lower back the knees, the ankles and the hips, etc.

The average adult body contains about 40 litres/70pints of water. Every day water is lost from the body in the form of urine, sweat, water vapor from the lungs as you breathe, etc.


1) Drink at least 1 litre of water each day.

2) Eat 3 different fruits each day.

3) Exercise for 30 mins. each day.

4) Swim if possible, each week, it’s part of your DNA.

5) Come to Get Back Health this week and get your nervous system realigned with an adjustment. This helps the water balance in your body as well as helping you to a better outgoing life.

Yours in Health John Keane Spinologist

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