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Spinology in Dublin

What is Spinology?

Model of spineSpinology is the action of the spinologist to assist the body to realign the vertebra to where the body wants them to go. This restores nerve communication with the brain so that chemical balance is achieved, thus performance of the individual goes up.

It is a vitalistic profession and practical philosophy and art.  Its sole objective is to allow people to express the best of their human potential.

The practice of spinology seeks to maintain the mechanical integrity of the spine and from there the nerve system is free from interference. This can in fact assist every expression of life.

Every aspect of human performance is controlled by body chemistry, loss of chemical balance always results in loss of performance, ability and quality of life.

How It Works

For example the hormone noradrenaline is produced by the adrenal glands, which are situated over the kidneys. This hormone is essential for every day living and such as climbing, hoovering, typing etc if this hormone is not being produced at the correct amount required by your body, do you see that you will feel out of sorts, tired maybe and won’t know why.

Conversely, if too much is being produced you may find it difficult to rest and sleep. Either way chemical imbalances can adversely affect your life style and performance. Every cell in your body makes chemicals. Chemical balance comes from co-ordination of billions of cells.

Get Started Today

This requires incredible communication in your nervous system. So your spine has 24 movable bones, thousands of muscles and millions of nerve fibres. With numbers like these there is a high probability of malfunction and the spinologist helps the body to restore the nerve occlusions.

Contact us to see book an appointment today! Spinology cost €50 per session but discounts apply.

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