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Dublin Spinology

painful-spine-2018Meet John Keane, Spinologist

“When I was in my late teens I had an accident and fell heavily on my back. This led to many years of lower back pain and stress.” John went to a chiropractor and got it handled. Many years later—in 2015—he came across the European School of Spinology run by Enrique Borredá Lopez in Valencia Spain. “I thought that spinology is an effective way to handle the body and the nervous system without the use of drugs or surgery.”

Education and Qualifications

Before entering the healthcare profession, John formerly served as a chef. He graduated from
Rockwell College in Co Tipperary in 1978. He qualified as a chef (7061 and 7062 London and City Guilds).

After his work as a chef and before he began his career as a spinologist, John completed a year of biomedicine in Dublin. “I was looking for a new profession where I could help other people effectively.” In 2017, he graduated from the Spinology Tutorium program. To stay up to date on the latest in the field, John stays in close communication with his tutors and the spinology school. “I also will travel to Valencia to continue to perfect my skills.”

What Do Spinologists Do?

As a spinologist, John helps examine the spine and adjacent muscles to determine if there are any occlusions that are hindering the smooth running of the nervous system to the brain. If the brain doesn’t get the information, it cannot run the body effectively.
Once these occlusions are found John adjusts the vertebrae in question, so the pathway of nervous tissue is once again restored to full capacity and vigor. This action results in a more stable endocrine system, healthy cells, more energy and increased performance in life.

Outside the Office

When he’s not at the practice, John enjoys reading; he is particularly fascinated with learning more about the relationship between the brain, the endocrine system and the body. A sports fan, he follows soccer, rugby, horse racing and golf. He also enjoys hiking.

Get Checked

We believe that each person should regularly seek out a professional such as a spinologist and have their body checked and adjusted where needed. Contact Get Back Health today to book an appointment with John!
Meta: Spinologist who helps the body perform effectively. John Keane enjoys caring for patients and seeing them return to optimal health so they enjoy life to the fullest. Call today to book an appointment! Saturday hours are available.

What is Spinology?

Spinology is the action of the spinologist to assist the body to realign the vertebra to where the body wants them to go. This restores nerve communication with the brain so that chemical balance is achieved, thus performance of the individual goes up.

It is a vitalistic profession and practical philosophy and art whose sole objective is to allow people to express the best of their human potential.

The practice of spinology seeks to maintain the mechanical integrity of the spine so that the nerve system is free from interference. This can in fact assist every expression of life.

Every aspect of human performance is controlled by body chemistry, loss of chemical balance always results in loss of performance, ability and quality of life.

For example the hormone noradrenaline is produced by the adrenal glands, which are situated over the kidneys. This hormone is essential for every day living and such as climbing, hoovering, typing etc if this hormone is not being produced at the correct amount required by your body, do you see that you will feel out of sorts, tired maybe and won’t know why.

Conversely, if too much is being produced you may find it difficult to rest and sleep.

Either way chemical imbalances can adversely affect your life style and performance.

Every cell in your body makes chemicals. Chemical balance comes from co-ordination of billions of cells.

This requires incredible communication in your nervous system. So your spine has 24 movable bones, thousands of muscles and millions of nerve fibres. With numbers like these there is a high probability of malfunction and the spinologist helps the body to restore the nerve occlusions.

Contact Us to see him today!   €50 per session but discounts apply.