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Meet John Keane (Spinologist)

John headshotSpinologist John Keane is proud to call Get Back Health Chiropractic and Wellness Clinic home. After years of interest in helping others, he enrolled in a biomedicine course here in Dublin. There, he discovered spinology and learned about an available spinology course in Valencia, Spain. John relocated and enrolled in the European Spinology Tutorium shortly thereafter.

John has been adjusting the spine since 2017. His passion for spinology continues to grow and evolve with each passing day.

A Natural-Born Spinologist

As soon as he heard about spinology, John knew he was destined to learn more. When he did, he was intrigued. It made sense to him that adjusting the spine frees the nervous system and allows it to function at a higher capacity. John was fascinated by how adjusting the spine can encourage healing throughout the entire human body.

Additional Achievements

In addition to his spinology accreditations, John is also a qualified chef. He has worked in Switzerland, Germany, England, and Ireland. Not only does John enjoy cooking, but he believes that his knowledge of food and nutrition allows him to help patients achieve whole health.

If you are interest in holistic wellbeing, John has got you covered. His knowledge and expertise may help you feel better than ever before.

Outside the Practice

Outside of Get Back Health Chiropractic and Wellness Clinic, John enjoys spending time with his wife and reading. More often than not, he finds himself lost in history books. John is also fulfilled by in-depth conversations with friends and loved ones. He believes that in-person conversation is good for the soul.

Prioritise Your Health

Today is the day to put your health first. John is here to help you keep your spine healthy.

A healthy spine means a healthy body. Contact our practice for further insight into spinology and what it may have to offer you. We are glad to address any questions or concerns that arise!

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