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Your Body is Your Channel for Growth and Expression

woman with arms out of beachYour body is your channel for growth and expression while you are on this planet.

Changing the food you eat will not handle everything but it will set you up with a better playing field. Cleaning, repairing, and building your body with the right foods will give you the clear channel you need.

The body is 80% alkaline and 20% acidic. To maintain balance one should eat accordingly, that is lots of salads and green vegetables, cabbage, watercress, parsley, green peppers, onions, celery, etc. The roughage will clean out your intestines.

Remember when you boil vegetables you destroy the natural roughage, their alkalinity, and most of the vitamins, and enzymes (proteins that help our bodies absorb nutrients).

A baked potato is an excellent companion for a salad and will satisfy a craving for carbohydrates.

So the question is why is all this so important to your body, especially as you get to 30 plus years of age?

To answer that we have to ask another question. What is Inflammation and why is modern man and woman getting too much inflammation into their bodies as they get older.

Inflammation: latin burning; inflammare to set on fire,. In the body it is a redness, a swelling, a feeling of heat in the body. This is a protective reaction to injury, disease, or irritation to the body’s tissues. When your body encounters an offending agent such as a virus, bacteria, or a toxic chemical, or suffers an injury, it activates your immune system, which sends out inflammation to help defend your body. The problem is that in the modern era man/woman are subject to tremendous stresses which also activate this response as well as the fact that we are eating too much processed foods and the wrong foods which also can create the same result.

The difficulty is that you may get away with it for years with only the occasional pain or irritation somewhere in your body. But keep in mind that this inflammation can and does affect the internal organs, such as your heart lungs etc. Eating too many sugary foods or too much dairy, some people like me eat a lot of cheese. Also, hydration plays a part.

You need to be moderate in your food choices and use caution and discipline to get the best outcome.

One way to do this is to come to Get Back Health and get a regular adjustment of your spine so that your nervous system is aligned. This gives you the confidence to make the best choices for your body.

Yours in Health,

John Keane, Spinologist

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