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Why the Mix Matters

Healthy foodsOverdoing the protein portions, overburdens the system. Protein is the most complex of all food elements and its digestion and absorption takes more time and energy than other foods.

Eating more than is needed simply means that the body has to work harder to deal with and eliminate the excess.

Doing this, (eating too much protein) and mixing it with starchy foods such as potatoes, pasta, rice oats, bread, at the same time confuses the chemicals that break down these foods in the stomach. The result is bloating and a feeling of tiredness. Have you ever felt like that after a meal?

The powerful chemicals that break down proteins in your stomach act immediately once you have eaten, whereas starchy foods stay in the stomach for over an hour before they are broken down. Hence we get the chemical conflict that leads to upset digestion and illness.

Starchy foods include, Rye, oats, bread, wheat, potatoes, all kinds of flour, and the starchy foods which are made from flour such as pastries, pasta, rice, rice cakes, bread, biscuits, cakes and breakfast cereals.

Our ancestors would only have eaten one or other, protein or starchy food, and they were very healthy. So what is the solution for you in the modern age? In her book Food Combining, Kathryn Marsden says, “The idea is to not mix concentrated proteins with starchy foods. Eat either one but include other veg or salads. That way your body can work efficiently.”

At Get Back Health Chiropractic and Wellness Clinic we are all about the efficiency of your body’s systems, especially the nervous system. So come in this week and get adjusted and realign your spinal column and allow your nervous system to help you achieve greater health and vigour.

Yours in Health John Keane Spinologist

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