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What You Can Do Now to Avoid Being in a Hospital Bed

older woman in a yoga classWhat can you do now to avoid being on a long waiting list for a hospital bed?

Ireland is an Aging Population

The population aged 65 and over has since 2009 gone up by 35%. This trend is set to continue over the next decade.

Our hospitals are full to the capacity.

From Nov 2019 there were 12,700 adults waiting 9 months or more on a surgical procedure. It is not too late to take action. The best way would be for you to be proactive.

Getting some gentle regular exercise would be a start, walking, jogging, using the exercise equipment that the government parks division has installed in most parks would really help.

When the body moves, blood circulates through the muscle mass structure. This means that fresh oxygen and nutrients are carried around the body which is vital for health. As the blood goes out of the muscles it takes away the metabolic waste produced by the cells when they create the energy you use.

This cycle which general regular exercise really helps with stimulates good health and brain-body coordination

Don’t be a hospital static. Get exercising today!

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