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What Is A Virus To The Human Body?

illustration of a virusAll life on planet earth evolved from the single-cell organism some 3.5 – 5 billion years ago.

As part of that evolution, man and woman have evolved to the top of the ruling species.

To do so man and woman have evolved with an inbuilt defence mechanism to defend the body from external viruses and bacteria. And so it is that a foreign virus such as COVID-19, when it enters a healthy body, which has a good immune system, has that capacity to defend itself.

A virus is a strand of DNA but it lacks the ability to survive for any great length of time by itself. This is because it requires the apparatus which our cells have, which aid reproduction.

Without a host cell, a virus cannot carry out their life-sustaining functions.

So how do viruses cause familiar infections such as the common cold or flu or attack your liver or respiratory system.

A virus enters your body through your eyes, nose, mouth, broken skin. Once they enter the body they invade human cells and use the cells DNA and other organ cells to reproduce. They then burst, killing that cell having created 100s of more virus type cells, which go on to invade more body cells.

At first, the white blood cells who are the police cells that attack and kill foreign bodies, don’t recognise these newly created virus, because these newly created viruses within the body take on the particular badge of the host cell, so the white blood cells think they are part of the body.

Eventually, the white blood cells find out and destroy the virus. Not only that but they also remember the viruses make up, so that any time in the future if it invades the body it is destroyed instantly. So your body’s defence immune system will find and destroy and remember the virus code. To help your body do this efficiently you should have a healthy immune system. Getting regularly adjusted is the best way to insure this is the case.

Things To Do To Handle/Avoid A Virus Attack

  • Always wash your hands.
  • Clean surfaces, before use by you and others, with medical spirits/sanitizing products
  • Sometimes you get a fever and that means your body temperature goes up, and viruses are killed due to high temperature so a fever can protect you from viruses
  • You should cover any wounds with a bandage
  • You should not shake hands with somebody who is already sick

- John Keane, Spinologist

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