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What if the information processing parts of your body started to malfunction?

Stylized X-Ray of BodyWhat if you had to resort to medication for the rest of your life to keep your body functioning?

The human body is alive with information, being a complex mechanism. Its parts interact with each other and are interdependent . All these parts of your body need control and coordination.

This is done by passing information between them and between the brain and the systems of your body. The two body systems that are responsible for command/control and data management are 1) the Nervous system and 2) the endocrine system.

The body gets impulses from the senses such as hearing and sight and touch , body position and balance etc. All this data goes to your brain via the nervous system and it is processed at different points of the brain where messages and hormones via the glands are activated to coordinate responses to stimuli received .

The language of the nervous system is tiny electrical impulses. They are small and fast travelling at a speed of 168 miles per hour, lasting about one thousand of a second.

Every second millions of impulses pass through the network of long strands of pathways called nerves. Information from the senses flows to the brain as electrical impulses. Here it is analysed, processed and evaluated causing millions more signals to occur. The brain’s electrical output travels along motor nerves to stimulate the muscles and coordinate contractions and movements and balance within the body

At the same time more than 50 hormones circulate in the bloodstream. Within the body there are micro receptors that continually monitor variables such as blood pressure, body temperature, blood sugar and chemicals such as oxygen and carbon dioxide .

A subtle movement such as a smile for example involves 20 muscles. Writing utilizes 60 muscles in the arm , hand and wrist. as the arm moves muscles on the shoulder come into play. While shifting the weight load on the torso yet more muscles are used to balance .

The other muscles on the body do not simply relax, they maintain tension so that the opposing partners have some resistance to pull against in a continuous sequence of split second, give and take during your normal day.

Behind the scenes of the orchestra of impulse and hormonal activity could not be computed on all the Microsoft computers of planet earth.

And you’re going to do how many minutes of exercises this week.?

We need to constantly assist our bodies in the modern environment of office /home work and the overpowering stresses we all know about.

Come into our clinic this week and get your spine adjusted and get onto an exercise program that will help your body maintain balance of movement and the ability to relax as nature intended.

Your body deserves a chance too.

Yours in health
John Keane Spinologist

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