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What Are You Drinking?

“Drink More Water.”

woman drinking water from a glassYou’ve heard this before, but why is it important?

Water is in your body. In an adult, water represents 60 to 70% of the body mass.

But your body does not have any hidden water reserve. That’s why it is necessary to make up for all the losses (urine or sweat.)

The Benefits of Hydration

Hydration is so important to our physiologic balance, known as homeostasis. Water allows the body to get rid of all the garbage and any toxic substance.

Kidneys are responsible for sorting out what’s good or bad for you. Your urine should be relatively clear and odorless. Smelly and darker urine means you should drink more water!

For every 25 kg in an adult, they should drink 1 liter of water.


  • is the most important lubricant of the joints.
  • helps prevent arthritis and back pain.
  • reduces stress levels, anxiety and depression.
  • increases elasticity of the skin and reduces aging affects.
  • helps the immune system.
  • filters toxins from the body.

Your body has a great alarm signal: thirst. This sensation is implemented by the hypothalamus, in the brain. However, for the people who are dehydrated chronically, these nervous centers are inhibited. Which explains the lack of thirst in these people.
Dehydration is a state of water deficit that can lead to headaches, tiredness, constipation, joint pain, muscle pain or back pain. For somebody who exercises a lot, injuries are far more likely to occur.

Fresh and natural water beats everything. Juices, which are full of conservatives, sodas or even alcohol have insane amounts of sugar in them. Also, beer, tea, coffee have a diuretic effect on the system, which makes you pee more and you lose a lot of water molecules.

How do I reach 2.5 liters a day?

Start your day with 2 glasses of water as you wake up. A glass of water before showering is really good for blood pressure.

Take a water bottle with you and drink small quantities all day long. Avoid liquids that make you lose water like coffee, tea or alcohol.

You will feel a huge difference very quickly!

Annabelle Gerrard D.C.

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