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Trying to Find a Spinologist in Dublin?

Have you been recommended to see a spinologist in Dublin? Are you unsure what a spinologist is or what they do? Then we at Get Back Health are here to help. We’ve been offering spinology as a back pain treatment for many years, with our leading spinologist in Dublin offering an exceptional service to all of our customers. 


We understand how back pain can really impact the quality of life that you’re living, and it’s our belief that our chiropractors and spinologist in Dublin will be able to offer you effective pain relief through our sessions with you. Spinology is a specific form of pain relief, working with the relationship between each vertebrae to keep your back as aligned as possible. 


What is spinology?


Spinology is the work done by a spinologist in Dublin to assist the body in the realignment of the vertebra to where they’re supposed to be. Your body works best in alignment with itself, which is why, when your back is thrown out you can end up with lots of other aches and pains, including arm pain and headaches. 


The restoration of alignment in the back does more than just straighten the spine, it also restores nerve communication, which can be impinged by the lack of alignment and encourages chemical balance in the brain, something might surprise many of yoru to know. It really is vital that you turn to an expert spinologist in Dublin to help you with this because they have been fully trained to really understand the paths of the spine and the way that affects the rest of the body. 


How does Spinology Actually Work?


Unlike traditional chiropractic services or physiotherapy, spinology doesn’t actually involve manipulating the bones in the spine. While this can be beneficial for our patients, our spinologist in Dublin believes that it is more important to work on correcting spinal obstructions. The idea being this is that if you do not deal with the underlying issues your back will just fall out of alignment again. 


By helping to correct your spinal obstructions, the body will no longer have to adapt to them, saving you a lot of pain and stiffness. Afterall, your body will never be able to adapt as well as to spinal obstructions as it would if there were none. Our work to strengthen and care for your spinal muscles will offer you a longer term solution to all of your back concerns. 


By strengthening your muscles to help hold your spine correctly, our spinologist in Dublin will help to free your body and help you to feel perfectly at ease in yourself, able to go about your day with your entire body in balance with itself.


Want to Find out More?

If you’d like to find out more about the way that our spinologist in Dublin can help you or if you’d like to book in for an appointment with them, then feel free to contact us at Get Back Health today. You can give us a call on (01) 66 330 03 or send us a message through our website and we’ll help to arrange an appointment that suits you.

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