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Time waits for no man or Woman. Cause or Effect.

figure of a spineOur lives are full of events that demand our attention and yet they very often give us so little in return.

We prioritise our time in an effort to be cause over life and yet we lose time so easily and our attention goes to the regrets of the past.

And so a general preoccupation for many people is about saving time which in itself leads to a stressed body and overwhelm.

The modern IT or other company/worker or executive is being run on the western civilization model of overwork and high demands and deadlines. This phenomenon is leading to stressed bodies that can find it hard to cope.

The ticking of the clock marks the passing of what we call time.

Tick and tock, there is a tick and there is a tock. The apparency is that these two items measure a distance called time, relentlessly moving onwards.

Our world is a computation of opposites. Just like the law of the five elements of acupressure, yin and yang, male and female, right and wrong, good and bad, night and day, north and south, sweet and sour, hot and cold, reason and emotions, tick and tock.

But there is also the balance and space between tick and tock and when you locate this space for yourself, you have balance and you can create your time and your space and in turn your happiness.

A misalignment of the spine interferes with the hormones of your body and by extension, this same misalignment of your spine (which leads to back pain, which chiropractors solve) interferes with the hormones of your ability to locate that perfect space between the tick and the tock of your daily life.

- John Keane, Spinologist

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