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The Relationship Between Your Liver and Your Thyroid

group of young women smiling togetherThe Liver is the body’s largest internal organ. It has a vital role to play in the manufacture, processing and storage of many chemicals. It produces the digestive bile fluid which is then stored in the Gallbladder.

Bile is necessary for the digestion of fats and the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins, A, D, E, and K, and helps to assimilate Calcium. In the Liver nutrients such as Iron and vitamins A, B12, and D are extracted from the bloodstream and stored for future use. These stored substances are utilized for everyday activities and in times of physical stress.

The liver plays a role with insulin to regulate blood sugar levels. Excess food is converted into fat in the liver and that fat is then transferred to the fatty tissues of the body.

The liver also acts as a detoxifier. It combines toxic substances such as metabolic waste products from the cells, insecticide residue from foods, drugs, alcohol and other harmful chemicals and mixes these with substances that are less toxic and then they are excreted via the kidneys and bowels.

The liver is also responsible for regulating thyroid function, by converting T4 (thyroid hormone) into its more active form T3.  Inadequate conversion can lead to thyroid problems. The liver also breaks down the following hormones once they have performed their function in the body. If the liver is too weak to do this job then you have a hormonal imbalance. The hormones are:

  • Adrenaline (helps to increase heart rate by increasing blood pressure. It expands air passages of the lungs, enlarges the pupil of the eye and redistributes blood to muscles).
  • Estrogen (helps normal sexual and reproductive development in women. Helps skin heal from bruises and injury. This hormone is found in both men and women.)
  • Insulin (regulates blood sugar levels).

From an Acupressure, Traditional Chinese medicine point of view the liver and gallbladder represents growth, newness, creativity, inspiration and motivation.

These are the qualities of having a healthy liver and gallbladder. But if the liver and gallbladder are blocked, then what occurs is stiffness, frustration, irritation, anger, or just feeling stuck. Another imbalance in the liver is when a person is over-controlling situations or life or is inflexible.

But once you start on the road to a healthy liver and gallbladder a person becomes inspired, uplifted and motivated.

As we have already said the liver and gallbladder digests fats and oils and really detoxifies the body. So for instance if someone fasted for 8 hours that would help the process or if they did exercise regularly and of course proper realignment of the spine will free up your nervous system so that all your internal organs are healthy and balanced so you can get on with life and livingness. Consider regular spinal maintenance and get adjusted at Get Back Health Chiropractic and Wellness Clinic.

Yours in Health
John Keane, Spinologist

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