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The Body that heals itself.

Your body strives to heal itself automatically every day.  The only thing that needs to happen for your body to begin healing itself is for you to remove the BARRIERS to healing.

So first lets define the word HEALTH.  There is a lot of misinformation out there about what health really means so many people can get confused.  Health means quality of Life.  Being able to sleep at night, move your body without pain, have a good memory and achieve your goals in life.  Health means having time for self and those close to you, relaxing and having the ability to handle stress.  Health means vibrant energy and being optimistic about your future.

Right now I’d like you to make up your own definition of health.

When you scrape your elbow the wound that results is healed by the body’s blood forming a scab and the cells rejuvinating and recreating new skin to heal the area.  This happens automatically.  That’s because your body is a powerful self healing organism.  So why then do our bodies break down and get sick.  The answer is because we tend to erect barriers to our own healing.  And we often misread “symptoms” that are asking for help.  We treat the “symptoms” and not the underlying source of the illness and that very often can make the situation worse.

For example most people are chronically dehydrated.  They don’t consume enough high quality water and water is vital for proper blood composition so the body takes action to reduce water loss.  A significant portion of water loss occurs through respiration, a bit of water vapor is exhaled with each breath.  So to conserve water  your body attempts to reduce water loss by constricting your bronchial tubes through the creation of histamines.  These histamines constrict breathing and modern medicine misdiagnose this as a disease called asthma rather then the true underlying cause which is often simply dehydration.

So instead of prescribing water which would solve the underlying water shortage and end the body’s creation of histamines, medicine prescribes anti histamines which cause the bronchial tubes to relax and more dehydration results.  So it is vital that you listen to your body and try to find the underlying cause for the symptom that you are presented with by your body.

Trying to just stop the symptoms with drugs etc without trying to find the underlying cause of the symptom is what shuts off healing.

This is what leaves patients unable to heal in the way they are capable of healing , automatically unconsciously and zero effort.

I’m sure you have heard the slogan YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT well that’s not exactly the case, it would be more accurate to say YOU ARE WHAT YOU CAN ABSORB.  Many people suffer from poor digestion meaning that they don’t absorb nutrients from their foods or supplements that would other wise be helpful.

Minerals require an acidic digestive environment to be properly digested and absorbed, if you lack proper stomach acid you won’t be able to properly absorb minerals even if you swallow them.  And this can lead to mineral difficencies that in turn lead to illness, chronic pain, heart problems etc.  Drinking fresh vegetable juice daily especially cereals and cabbage juices greatly boosts stomach health.  Fresh raw vegetable and fruit juices contain digestive enzymes which help to break down food in the stomach and allow the body to take the nourishment it requires to give you vitality to live life and have a high quality of life.

And of course these are but a few examples of what you can do to help your body achieve health each day.

Yours in health Get Back Health




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