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The Body Heals Itself...So Why Go to the Chiropractor ?

woman getting a chiropractic adjustmentPatients intuitively know that they are a self-healing organism. Many of their health problems have resolved on their own in the past, so their first inclination is to take a “wait and see” approach. Whether it’s an attempt to avoid looking foolish (maybe the problem isn’t really a problem) or a desire to avoid even being a patient, many delay consulting a doctor of any type until the problem becomes so severe that they suspect it won’t resolve on its own. Faced with acute symptoms, most patients will listen politely to our pitch about wellness and preventive care but are interested in something much more modest: relief.

But more than relief, the chiropractor wants to give you a solution to the existing condition. As a chiropractor, I want to know: how the pain got there, what triggers it, and what makes it better.

The goal of the chiropractor is to find out by which process you ended up feeling pain. The human body is able to heal itself. Chiropractors are not actually healing your body. Our chief concern is to remove the obstacles to the body’s healing process and give the body what it needs to get healthy again. A lot of professions talk about helping the body to heal itself. We remove obstacles and take care of deficiencies, chemical, mental but mostly physical.

If you have been through any sort of trauma, either a fall or repetitive stress on your system, it can limit the normal movement of one of your joints in the spine. And that is impossible for your body to correct itself. That is when you need some help from the chiropractor, an exterior stimulation to remove the obstacles to your natural healing process.

- Annabelle Gerrard, D.C.

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