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More on Sugar and Nutrition

Sugar in its natural state in the body is called glucose and is the most important carbohydrate fuel in human cells. Its small size allows it to pass through the cell membrane into the cell. Energy is released when the molecules are metabolized. Sugar is sucrose, a molecule composed of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. Like all compounds made of these three elements sugar is a carbohydrate. It is found naturally in most plants, but especially in sugar cane and sugar beets.

According to Gary Tubes in his book the case against sugar, he says the controversy over the health effects of sugar – proceeding as it has, for hundreds of years is littered with erroneous statements and conclusions that have driven thinking to the current day.

When physicians refer to blood sugar they are talking about glucose in the blood. As sugars appear naturally in relatively small proportions in fruit, carbohdyrates then whats the problem?? Well its the ADDED sugars that cause the extra sweetness which leads to pleasure demand by the brain in children and adults This type of sugar is used as a sweetner in soft drinks. The added sugars can be called by many names so the person purchasing the food and drink won’t even find out.

The question arises, is sugar acting like a drug on the brain?? The introduction by the US dept of agriculture of these added sugars calling them colonic or nutritive sweetners co-insided with the beginning of the obesity epidemic in the US. Obesity has led to the introduction, in most countries in the western world, of the huge onslaught of diseases, such as diabetes and heart disease and many more.

Refrain from eating as much sugar related foods for 24 hours apart from what you need to keep your body going and see if you find it difficult. Possibly if we halved our sugar intake on an immediate basis we would over time experience better health.

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