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Stress: Is it You or the Other Guy

Woman holding headThe pressure to maintain an image of perfection is surely exhausting and yet that’s what many of us buy into. If this sounds like you, then, maybe its time to take a look at it and not head towards overwhelm

One of the main problems is that we are constantly bombarded with messages (like this one) and ads, webinars 24/7 and we are staying connected because that is what everyone else is doing and talking about.

What would it be like if you didn’t turn on your phone or lap top for 24 hours?

If you don’t prioritize you will get the feeling of being pulled in different directions, which affects your goals and purposes.

And with the heavy workloads we tend to have, burn out will not be far away.

This means that your brain gets an overload of stimuli, which in turn leads to the mental stress that is all too common.

My advice is to stop trying to be everything to everyone. Take a step back and work out your boundaries. Many of our belief systems come from our childhood or early schooling, where by we are fed things like “you’ve got to look your best in front of people” or “showing emotion is a sign of weakness” or “do not create conflict”, or “don’t rock the boat”.

So it takes a determined effort on our part to break from these fixed ideas and break free from the control of others in our past.

And it can be done on a gradient, just change your mind on one of those fixed ideas each month and you will feel the better for it.

It is good to disconnect from social media and phones for half a day each week, and catch up with real people, and take time to listen and be interested in their conversation. Remember, the emotions you out flow to other people are the exact emotions that you get back.

This world is made for imperfection, so lets relax a little and enjoy the journey.

Yours in health,

John Keane

P.S looking after your spine with regular adjustments really helps with focus and confidence.

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