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Posture is About Correctly Standing and Sitting at Work

home-officePosture is about correctly standing and sitting during your working day. You should be sitting ideally on your sits bones, with your head resting centrally on your shoulders.

When you stand try not to use your hands to help, instead use your thigh muscles to raise from the chair. And if you are working with a standing desk your legs should be shoulder width apart to balance your upper body weight.

Try to incorporate these actions for a few minutes morning and afternoon until you are doing it naturally most of the time.

A lot of this comes back to our ability to focus and give attention to what is important. And focus has a lot to do with our belief systems.

Your beliefs dictate your behaviour and your behaviours cause your results in life and body. And when we say results we mean the outcome that is your posture, your actions towards exercise, nutrition, and handling stress.

If you are not happy with the results you have then you could look at your belief systems. These can be fixed ideas about managing your health.

Making a decision to change or let go of unworkable beliefs that may have been with you since childhood really helps to put new health actions in place.

How do you know when everything is aligned with your nervous system and spine. Pain is not the only measurement. Your body will always try to accommodate the imbalances of structure & stress, pain comes much later. Coming to the office to get adjusted regularly realigns the spine and gives vitality and focus in life.

Hope to see you soon. Kind regards John Spinologist

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