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Pain in the shoulder, what could it be?

shoulder pain massageAs the day goes by, or as you get tired, this creeping pain bothers you on the top of your shoulder. Looking around you, you desperately seek for massaging hands to alleviate the pressure. You finally get your partner or a kind family member to put their hands on your shoulder. After all the begging, they spend 5 minutes on you and give up. So you end up getting a proper professional massage. It helps for a bit. But it just keeps coming back.

I am about to explain why that typical pain keeps on annoying you.

Typically, when you look in the mirror, one shoulder is going to be higher than the other. And it’s the painful one. It might even turn in, going forward compared to the opposite shoulder.

Why is that? And why doesn’t the massage resolve it? It is a tight muscle, the Upper trapezius muscle that is painful.

That’s because the problem is a weakness, creating a tightness. In that sense, the tight muscle in your shoulder is merely a compensation of a weak muscle.

Why is the muscle weak? Well, that’s another question. Maybe your pelvis is restricted on that side, or maybe your ribs are restricted.

Any issue with the joints the muscle is linked to, will weaken the muscle and inhibit its activation.

That is what Chiropractors are here for.

Annabelle Gerrard D.C.

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