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Nervous About the Future Are We?

stylized spine x-rayCan you imagine being a brain? You have no eyes so you cannot see.  You have no ears so you cannot hear.  You are in charge of a body that has 300 billion cells, 100 billion of which are located in the brain itself.  And your body is in total automatic mode plus the fact that you can be bypassed at a moment’s notice by actions that are oftentimes not the best for the body.  On top of all this you the brain are expected to handle every single emergency that comes from inside the body and outside the body.

The brain extends down the spinal cord, (a complex bundle of nerve fibers, shaped like a flattened cylinder), and out its 31 pairs of nerves.  These nerves pick up stimuli, (sensation), and allow the brain to activate a response along these 31 pairs of nerves.  These nerves go to every organ, muscle and tissue and every nook and cranny in the body.  These messages are called nerve impulses and they travel at 168 miles per hour.

They form a network of electrical and chemical reactions which go to and from the brain 24 hours each day you are alive.  The chemical reactions which occur between one brain nerve and another brain nerve is called a neurotransmitter. Neurotransmitters are the body’s chemical messengers that transmit  between the nerves and from the nerves to the muscles and internal organs.

When a neurotransmitter lands on a nerve it can either excite it into accelerated action or inhibit action. Both responses are equally valuable  in the relaying of messages throughout the nervous system.

This is how your brain controls your body.

Now let’s get a little bit closer to you. Beliefs, thoughts, stories are all the same thing. According to the Australian Mentor Angus Pyke,” Everything you are doing really starts with a belief first. Beliefs drive actions and there is an obsession in the modern world , what do I need to do to be successful.” Whether it is at work, in the home, at sport, regarding my body and health, to live a better life stress free.

So by the time the neurotransmitter hits/lands on that next nerve to excite/inhibit it into action or nonaction, it can be a bit late on the chain of events.  The question remains, how do you put control into your body.  The word control comes from Middle English “verb, check or verify, to regulate, to exert authority.”

Control in terms of a body means the ability to start, change and stop, a body.  All too often in life we allow our bodies to be in an automatic mode of existence.  To walk or do an action with your body is a very healthy thing to do.  You should try it for half an hour each day and simply be aware of your immediate environment by looking at trees, people, houses, grass etc.  Do it in your office or at home.  Look and you will see some part of that space you have not noticed before even though you have been in that space for the past 20 years.  Yes you will slow down to begin but gradually your space becomes bigger you become a nicer person to yourself and others.  In short you are controlling your body and your immediate environment.  Use your brain to analyse what is in front of you.

Many of us want to give up smoking, eat less, be nicer people, have a healthy body and so on.  When you are in automatic mode you will find it more difficult to change.

When you are in control of your body and your environment, and being calm and friendly to yourself and others and are somewhat extroverted, you can put forward positive ideas and stories about the person you wish to be.  You say to yourself I am the Dude that eats less, exercises more etc. on a regular basis.

Wow then you are in control. And the best way to assist with this is to keep your nervous system aligned.  So come in to Get back Health, or go to our web site, and avail of our offers.

Yours in health John Keane Spinologist

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