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Need a little help this holiday season?

hand on heartOutwardly we all put on a PR front.  We do our best, we take the hits, put up with nonsense from all sides. We fight the good fight and wonder what is my real purpose in life?

And so you arrive in December waiting for that break which you hope will help to recharge your failed purposes and tired body.

And there are those of us who have had emotional losses that Xmas reminds us of.  Sad times where a loved one is not by our side, and still we do our best.

This planet is a planet of suffering and loss and failed purposes, and really only now and then are there tangible moments of happiness.

And yet the spirit of man and woman prevails, the tenacity (someone who never gives up, never stops trying) to achieve our goals to reach happiness and to give hope to our fellow man and fellow woman.

These two opposing forces are going on in your life right now.  Sometimes one is more dominant than the other. Usually our happiness can only be achieved, (in our opinion) when certain outside factors such as the health of family members or getting some deal over the line is first achieved.  This is other, determined happiness which puts you at the effect of forces outside your control.

Both sadness /loss/suffering on one side and happiness on the other side are imposters.  The reason is because there are natural laws which govern the relationship between conditions good and bad and their effects.

So the question is where do you start?

When you were younger life seemed much more straightforward.  You were determined, full of enthusiasm and full of hope and a sense of fun.  Life was a game to win and enjoy.  The one important item to keep in mind is that all those positive feelings and goals are still within you, and you are still capable of getting many of the things you wish for.  Those negative feelings are generated also by you, mostly you.

So you need to take steps to lessen the pull towards negative feelings, even towards those who do bad things to you.  This is part of those underlying natural laws.  Whatever you put attention on gets stronger.

So the first thing to do every morning is to put all your attention on the positive things in your life and positive goals you are going for.  Start with the small positive things and say to yourself, I’m going to stay positive for 1 hour this morning and each day extend it a little.

Handle the negative but don’t dwell on them.

Second, realize that the speed of your thinking and the speed of your body is different, especially as you get older. So you should exercise each and every morning and have a 30 second to 2 minute cold shower if you are up to it.

Thirdly, write down your plan in sequence if possible and see how it goes.  You may only achieve one point in the plan on that day and the rest of the day was total confusion.  No problem, just acknowledge the point that was done.  Far, far too often we neglect to give ourselves a needed pat on the back.  You really do need to fully acknowledge yourself each day on the positive things done.

Fourthly try to include others in your activities either getting help or giving help.  You are not just a self determined entity, we are happiest when we include others.  And oftentimes those others are the small guys at the wings of our lives just wanting to be part of our game.  Many times in my life I have ignored this and I deeply regret it.

Fifthly come to Get Back Health this week and let us realign your spine and nervous system to help put you in the best shape possible.

Hope you are the one smiling on Xmas day!
Yours in Health
John Keane Spinologist

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