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5 Tips for Having a Healthier Easter

Easter healthy snackEaster is a special time for children, as it often revolves around candy, treats, and sweets. However, it doesn’t have to be filled with unhealthy food. Here are five tips that will help you make your Easter more health-focused, while still being fun and enjoyable.

1. Fill Baskets with Non-Food Items – Instead of filling up the Easter baskets with candy and chocolates, opt for some non-food items like books, puzzles, crayons and coloring books, or even small toys or stuffed animals. Doing so encourages your children to engage in activities that don’t revolve around eating sugar filled treats all day!
2. Choose Healthier Treats – If you decide to fill baskets with some treats, opt for healthier choices like dark chocolate or freeze-dried fruit snacks which contain no added sugar or preservatives. You can even get creative by making healthy desserts that are fun, like an apple ‘carrot cake’ or banana bunnies!
3. Add More Physical Activities – Include physical activities into your Easter celebrations; this could be a game of tag outside or an egg hunt using real eggs decorated with stickers!
4. Make Mealtime Fun & Nutritious – For meals on Easter Sunday, try to include foods that are both tasty and nutritious, such as roasted vegetables with lean proteins like fish or chicken breast. Or make a brightly hued salad full of fresh vegetables! Also try to avoid sugary drinks by having water infused with fruits like lemon or oranges instead; slices of citrus fruit add flavour without adding any extra calories!
5. Limit Snacking Throughout The Day – Try not to snack during the day leading up to dinner, so that everyone can enjoy their meal without feeling too full from snacking beforehand. This also helps ensure that people don’t overindulge on unhealthy snacks throughout the day before dinner!

On behalf of Get Back Health Chiropractic and Wellness Clinic, we want to wish all of our patients an egg-stra special Easter!

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