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Looking for a Sports Injury Clinic in Dublin?

Have you been searching for a sports injury clinic in Dublin? Welcome to Get Back Health. We are a chiropractic and wellness-focused clinic located in Dublin. We offer a wide range of services to support individuals to have a healthier lifestyle including: chiropractic care; spinology; exercise advice and physical therapy.


We see a diverse mix of patients from all age groups including infants and children; adults; seniors; and pregnant women and newborns. If you’d like to request an appointment at our sports injury clinic in Dublin today, please visit our website to do so.


Welcome to Get Back Health


Here at Get Back Health, we provide physical therapy services to athletes and individuals who regularly play sports or do strenuous physical activity. Our neuromuscular therapy is designed for injury prevention, as well as the treatment and strengthening of the entire physical body. It is aimed at sportspeople and athletes of all levels. We use a wide variety of physical therapy techniques as part of this neuromuscular therapy solution. This includes but is not limited to massage, stretching, mobility and rehabilitation exercises. The aim of these methods is to assist in the elimination of pain. These techniques are time-tested and based on strong scientific evidence that demonstrates they are proven to work.


In the event that you require the services of our sports injury clinic in Dublin, then it’s worth us breaking down what you will receive. Our neuromuscular sessions last for one hour and address a number of different areas. We begin by establishing the nature of your sports injury and then carrying out extensive strength testing. This aids us in finding the weakness that resulted in your sports injury. Following this, we oversee a postural assessment and check your current mobility. Next, we address neural entrapment and nerve compression, and determine gait patterns. Then, we provide you with rehabilitation exercises that gradually improve your strength and help prevent and treat future injuries. Our approach takes the entire body into account, not just the specific area where the injury is located.


Why Come to Get Back Health?


If you are a regular sports player or athlete, it can be easy to pick up sports injuries here and there, due to common factors such as over exertion and training errors. What we do at our sports injury clinic in Dublin is use trusted and proven techniques that we’ve developed over years of experience, to re-strengthen the weak areas and allow you to have better control over your physical body.


Our team of specialists has a strong reputation for delivering optimal outcomes and end results for clients who initially presented with sports injuries. We know how to handle these sorts of cases best and provide effective treatments that get athletes back in the gym, on the sports field and out on the track as quickly as possible. To learn more, check out our testimonials from patients we’ve seen in Dublin.


Contact Get Back Health today


To speak to one of our team members at our sports injury clinic in Dublin, please don’t hesitate to call us on (01) 66 330 03. You can find our office hours listed on our website. You can book an appointment to see one of our practitioners by completing the contact form on our website. We hope to hear from you soon.


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