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Looking for a Physical Therapist in South Dublin?

Suffering a sports injury that needs professional attention? Do you want to see a physical therapist in South Dublin? If the answer is yes, then Get Back Health is the place to come. We are a dedicated chiropractic and wellness clinic, specialising in treatments for patients of all ages and with a diverse range of conditions.

From infants and expectant mothers to working adults and athletes, we can support patients to full health and fitness. Conveniently located on Herbert Street, Dublin, we are a community-minded wellness centre with a team of qualified and experienced practitioners. Book our physical therapist in South Dublin online today by visiting the Get Back Health website.

Welcome to Get Back Health

Here at Get Back Health, our trained physical therapist in South Dublin can provide patients with first-class treatments. We specialise in neuromuscular therapy (NMT), which is designed for injury prevention, treatment and strengthening. It is suitable for professional athletes in all sports and disciplines, as well as people of all ages and body types. There are a number of different elements included in NMT such as massage, mobility, stretching and rehabilitation exercises. The objective is to reduce and get rid of any pain that the patient is currently experiencing.

NMT works on the whole body when it comes to pain and injury, not just the area of initial complaint. An hour-long NMT session with our physical therapist in South Dublin will address the following: injury, strength testing, postural assessment, neural entrapment and nerve compression, gait patterns, rehabilitation exercises, and myofascial trigger points. If you would like to find out more about our physical therapy, then please head to the Get Back Health website or get in contact with our friendly team today.

Benefits of Physical Therapy

Seing our certified physical therapist in South Dublin is beneficial in a variety of ways. Most notably, physical therapy techniques reduce or completely eliminate pain. A session with a professional will relieve pain, restore muscle and improve joint function.

Also, physical therapy will help you develop mobility over the long-term. It will strengthen your mobility skills, getting you to move more and feel better whilst you’re doing so. If you have had an injury, would like to ease pain or increase your mobility, set up an appointment with our physical therapist today.

Would you Like to Book an Appointment?

If you would like to see a physical therapist in South Dublin, then contact Get Back Health today to schedule an appointment. You can fill out the online booking form on our website, and one of our customer service team will respond to your enquiry shortly.

Alternatively, feel free to call us directly on (01) 66 330 03 to speak with our team. We can answer any questions you have, provide you with further information on our physical therapy, and discuss your needs in more depth. To discover more about how Get Back Health can support you to achieve optimal health, go to our website today.

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