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Information business inside your body

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Information business inside your body

Although often overshadowed by the brain and the nerves, the endocrine system, (refers to tissues that make and release hormones (chemical messengers) that travel in the bloodstream and control the actions of other cells and organs), is also involved in the information business.

Hormones carry essential messages that have far reaching effects.  They control processes at every level inside your body, from energy take-up of a single cell to the whole body’s rate of growth and development.

Both the nervous system and the endocrine system integrate with the brain and complement each other but they work at different speeds.  The endocrine system is a slower system as it moves through your blood.

Hormones regulate processes as the breakdown of chemical substances in metabolism (the process of changing food into energy to fuel body functions.)  As well as fluid balance and urine production.

The pituitary gland is the most influential gland in the endocrine system.  It makes 8 hormones which then travel in the bloodstream, and these directly influence such areas as the adrenal glands which are located on top of the kidneys.  The adrenals then produce more hormones that control stress.

The level of hormones within the blood is controlled by feedback mechanisms which tell the brain that the hormonal level required to handle some body situation has been achieved and the action is stopped.

There is constant regulation going on in your body so it is important that you come to Get Back Health this week and get your nervous system realigned as this will directly make a positive effect on your endocrine system and help it to function at its best.

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