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How to Protect Children's Backs for Back to School

Child with backpack

Choose the right bag

The bag must have two straps so it can be worn on both shoulders. These must be wide and padded, to limit tension in the shoulders as much as possible, with adjustable straps. It must also be equipped with several individual compartments, with padding on the back, to better distribute the weight of the child’s equipment (the heaviest stuff must be on the back side). It is good to favor light materials to limit the weight of the bag. As for the color or thepattern, what pleases your child the most!

Make sure the child wears it correctly

The use of both straps is important: carrying the bag on one shoulder only will create an imbalance that can result in tension or pain in the shoulder supporting all the weight or the back. These should be tight enough so that the back of the bag is close to the body and the bottom of the bag should be above the line of the buttocks. If the backpack is heavy, show the child how to use both legs to transfer weight and reduce stress on the back. At school, encourage your child to take frequent trips in between classes to his or her locker to replace books.

Identify the signs

The period before puberty is the pivotal moment in the development of scoliosis: it is important to watch the child’s back by leaning slowly forward to touch his toes. If you observe a beginning of curvature, consult your doctor and your chiropractor. Likewise, if the child also complains of recurrent pain. Be careful of the weight of the backpack, it should not weigh more than 15% of the child’s weight.

To exercise!

Sport and movement are the best way to avoid back pain. Doing core and back strengthening exercises such as planks helps make the back stronger in order to prevent back pain. Yours in Health Marine HELIP D.C. Doctor of Chiropractic

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