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How to Kill a Virus

Virus. What is it?

How does it enter the body. What is the body’s natural defenses from a virus attack on your cells. A virus cannot survive on its own. To survive it must enter the body via the eyes, nose, mouth or a a cut or open wound. Then it has to contend with the bodies natural defense mechanisms. They are first and foremost your immune system. Your immune system is a system of biological structures that protects against disease. This includes viruses, which are very small particles that require a host cell that they go into and use the host cells mechanism to replicate within the human body and cause disease. So your immune system is constantly scanning to see if the particles that includes foods, liquids, medicines, water, air and viruses that enters your body are foreign entities that can cause harm or if those particles are beneficial.

3 Protective Barriers

There are 3 main barriers that help the immune system. One is the skin, you have all the friendly baceria on your skin that help protect you against foreign invaders. Then you have the mucus lining in your gut, the air ways, the sinuses that also stop foreign particles that might harm you. A mucous membrane is a membrane/skin like layer that lines various cavities in the body and covers the surface of internal organs. Inflammation is another barrier that help in the defence against foreign invaders, such as the virus. Inflammation is a process by which the bodys white blood cells and substances produced then protect us from infection from foreign organisms such as viruses and bacteria. You also have the flora or friendly bacteria in your body which help as well. Also your immune system remembers the make up of a foreign body and when the same type of pathogen re enters the body later on, our immune system recognises it immediately and kills it. There are also cells in the immune system called phagocytes. These phagocytes engulf and destroy viruses, bacteria and waste matrials within your body. This process is occuring all the time. The end result is you blowing your nose and out comes the waste. Apple cider vinegar has been known to speed up the process of increasing phagocytes in the body. Personally I take one tea spoonfull with lemon and honey in hot water once or twice a day.

What Can You Do About It

  1. Eat high nutrient foods and fresh vegetables
  2. Get out in sunlight and fresh air

A virus is not alive unless it invades the cell wall and uses your DNA inside your cells it then copies itself many tiems inside the cell and takes the life force from that cell. But the cell wall is two layers of fat. So essential fatty aciddes are vital to protect yourself. You shouldn’t be on a low fat diet when you are run-down or sick. Cholesterol is one of several fats (lipids) that play an important role in your body. Cholesterol is a waxy substance found in all cells of the body. The body needs it to make hormones, Vitamin D and substances that aid digestion. The liver makes all the cholesterol needed for these functions. Obviously you should seek medical advice if you have any of the COVID 19 symptoms, a dry cough, a fever, or congestion.. Stay safe and healthy Yours, John Keane Spinology

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