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How to Increase your Interest and Production in Life

runner stretchingVery often for no particular reason, we sometimes feel down, tired, out of sorts, uneasy, restless, irritated, annoyed, upset, fearful or in an apathetic attitude toward life in general.

And usually, at these times we bluff our way through, we see that most people around us don’t notice our situation, and quite possibly don’t care. We struggle through it and hope it will pass.

The truth is we all exist in one condition or another across the many sections of our busy lives. So the first thing to do is to recognise that we are in a condition that is placing us slightly out of control and this prompts the emotional response.

If we choose to indulge the emotional aspect of the situation by becoming frustrated, angry or fearful, etc., we make matters worse.

Below are a few tips to put you back in control in a short time.

1) Recognise there is a non-optimum condition.

2) Realise there must be something about this condition that you are unaware of, otherwise, you wouldn’t be in it.

3) Start or restart an exercise program, (at Get Back Health, ie. you will find help with this). Doing daily exercise puts you back in control of your body and helps you to feel better about yourself and others.

4) Complete any unfinished jobs about the house or at work.

5) Try to lower your caffeine intake.

6) You should come to the Get Back Health clinic and get regular adjustments for your spine and nervous system. This really helps maintain body balance and promotes wellness in life

Yours in Health,
John Keane, Spinologist

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