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How to Frame Christmas and New Year so You Enjoy It

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Christmas and New Year can be very stressful for most people and the reasons are many. Family gatherings, loneliness, disappointments, anxiety because of extra work or preparing the house for guests, etc.

So, what exactly is going on in your brain with regard to these situations? The brain turns every fact into a story. For example, if you are going home for Christmas your brain may look upon this in two ways.

1. “I’m going home for Christmas and I can’t wait to meet family and friends and have fun and relax”, or

2. “I’m going home for Christmas and it could be awkward, I will have to PR my way through it”.

This also occurs with all other situations you run into in life. Your brain forms the story that you focus on. So, the point is, it’s never the facts that drive your beliefs, it’s always the Frame or focus you wrap around any fact that results in a positive or negative outcome.

And your belief, positive or negative, is like a salesman going to your heart and selling a bill of goods to sway you one way or another. So you need to watch those initial internal feelings as they can lead to stress and anxiety.

Of course, when your body itself is in a stressful state as can occur at this time of year, you can be pulled immediately into a negative atmosphere and outcome.

Tips for December/January

  1. Focus on daily exercise especially early in the morning
  2. Make an effort to smile and be courteous to others, it really makes a difference.
  3. Be on time and keep your appointments you will feel better.
  4. Watch what you eat, sugar is bad for the blood and body
  5. Get your back/spine/nervous system aligned by coming to Get Back Health Chiropractic and Wellness Clinic this week. Your nervous system extends to every organ and bone and joint and muscle in your body and being in good/great condition makes a huge difference to your outlook on life.


Yours in Health,
John Keane, Spinologist

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