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Untitled design (9)Your Heart is a muscle made up of different types of muscle tissue. Like all muscles it needs a source of energy and oxygen. It gets this through the arteries that feed oxygenated blood to the heart itself.  

Your heart’s pumping action is regulated by an electrical conduction system that coordinates the contractions of the various chambers of the heart. 

The sinus node(a small mass of specialized tissue in the right upper chamber of the heart which generates an electrical stimulus), known as the SA node, stimulates an electric impulse 60 to 100 times per minute. It is this action that travels down through the conduction pathways of the heart and causes the heart’s ventricles(chambers) to contract and pump blood. 

This electrical impulse travels to another specialist mass called the AV node, which is a slower electrical impulse, and allows it to travel down to the bottom of the heart and controls the electrical impulse to the rest of the heart so as to coordinate the heartbeat.  

All these actions occur 24/7 for the entire lifetime of the individual. The human heart is very strong and is capable of pumping blood up to 30 feet away. 

From TCM,(traditional Chinese medicine) viewpoint the heart is the seat of emotions and the residence of consciousness when awake. It controls circulation and has a special connection with the kidneys. The arteries,veins and capillaries (small arteries and veins) are considered part of the heart. 

The emotions of fear, anxiety angerand Grief can put pressure on your heart. 

On the other hand, a warm feeling towards yourself and your fellow man can increase your health no end, especially your heart.  

Think about it, if you are too stroppy and antagonistic to self or others this gets duplicated in the body with tight muscles and contracted arteries. 

Even science suggests there is a link between depression and stress and heart disease. 


1) Get a copy of the book “not about being good”. I have found this data very useful for me to handle my antagonism towards others and self. 

2) Take more time with everything, we all rush around too much and don’t see it. 

3) Listen to yourself and to others. And if you don’t have the time to listen then tell yourself or the other person and agree on a point in the future to pick up the conversation. Communication is very important to good health. 

4) Come to Get Back Health this week and get your spine adjusted so you free up your nervous system and have the best start to the weekend. 

Yours In Health

John Keane



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