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How Do You Change Bad Habits & Encourage New Good Habits

VegetablesOur health depends on your ability to knock off unwanted habits that are causing discomfort and ill health to your body daily.

That extra cup of coffee or tea, that bigger portion of meat and potatoes,  and that extra cream cake or piece of chocolate, all add up to stored fat that your body doesn’t need.

We all face these decisions daily and often the stresses we face allow us to give in.

Let’s take sugar as an example. Sugar and Sweets became associated with love and affection in society and in our language.  We use it every day, words such as sweetie, sugar pie, sweet heart, honey, etc. Sugar and Sweets are a primary celebration of our holidays and achievements and birthdays.

For parents Sugar and Sweets have become often used to reward and control our children.

Sugar took over our lives because of that first taste, whether as an infant or adult, it was an astonishment of taste to the senses, a kind of intoxication, starting in many cases a lifelong craving.

So to begin to change bad habits regarding our diet such as sugar we need a proper way to go about it.

It comes down to validation. You validate those things you want in your life by doing them and you invalidate those things you don’t want by ignoring their existence.  You don’t get into a fight about it within yourself.

Take one day a week and ignore one bad habit and validate a good habit. Following on from my blog on nutrition last week make one large salad a day the center of your main meal.  Add a baked potato or good protein and you will leave the table feeling clear, satisfied and ready for action.  Two or three portions of natural yogurt with a sliced banana and a wheat germ topping make an excellent breakfast. It’s mostly alkaline , high in protein and satisfying.  You can also add three seeds, pumkin, sesame, and sunflower.  These three seeds make up a complete protein.  They are also alkaline and high in essential fatty acids.  These fatty acids are vital for youthfulness, the health of your skin and preventing the thickening of arteries by balancing the cholesterol.  All other proteins are acidic.

Protein is the name given to the large molecules, from which we build our bodies. We take in protein when we eat meat, fish, eggs, dairy products, seeds , nuts, and grains.

The human body needs 45 to 50 complete proteins every day.  It is important to know that if your body gets more protein than it requires daily, it has a hard time burning it up.  Some of it may become incompletely digested and can create the poisonous byproducts that cause headaches, mucus and circulatory problems.

As a rule you should aim at eating between a third and half of your daily protein requirement for breakfast.  That’s when your body needs a raise in blood sugar to give you strength for the day ahead.

Note: (there is a lot of advice out there so this is one way to go about it. if you have a diet system that is working for you stick to it.)

Please use this information to make small positive changes to your nutrition intake.

To allow  your body to take full advantage of the food you eat, consider coming  to our clinic and get your spine adjusted  this week.

Yours in health John Keane Spinologist

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