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Health Goals part III

Hi So by now you should have started working on being relaxed and cultivate the para-sympathetic nervous system with every chance you get.

1. You get what you put attention on.  If you put attention on those worries, stresses, difficulties emergencies, you will be guided to focus on these things and that open the door to let the sympathetic nervous system be activated all the time.  Conversely if you put attention on for instance what you have.  You have a job, a house, a wife, a husband, kids, a dog, music, a car, a boat, a good friend, a holiday a reserve.  Think of what you have that is positive and what you will get and aspire to and you start the parasympathetic nervous system going which is a good thing.  Right now I’m listening to the songs of Barbara Streisand and this is relaxing me as I write this blog.

2. You know there are times when you have to concentrate on lifes’ problems and activities and that the sympathetic nervous system is what you need to turn on to help.

3,.You know to be in control you have to be in control of the switch which changes  from one to the other from the sympathetic to the parasympathetic.  Ok in this blog we are going to get into a bit of chemistry.  The endocrine system is a series of glands through out the body that release hormones.  (A hormone is a chemical substance that has an influence on a part of the body which bring about change within the body to create the correct balance in such things as blood pressure, production of red blood cells, water balance oxygen levels, blood sugar levels, body growth, sexual arousal, etc.

If you body s endocrine glands are inadvertently told to generate or suppress the production of hormones in the body an imbalance occurs and this causes the body and you to be unhealthy.

One of the main endocrine glands is called the pituitary gland, which is situated under the hypothalamus, which itself is part of the brain.  And the hypothalamus is made up of neurons or nerves, and is subject to the influence of the nervous system.  So to a huge degree the nervous system has a big influence in the control and release of hormones via the pituitary glands and the other glands such as the thyroid, the adrenals etc  And just in case men think that only women have hormones –  not true.  The male body functions in the same way its just that some of the hormones such as testosterone are different.

We will talk more next time on cultivating the practice of making sure  that the para sympathetic nervous system gets turned on  so as you can truly relax.




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