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HEALING: Where do you fit in?

supplementsWhen Body, Mind and emotions are out of balance Dis-ease results.

Whatever form it takes, the source is that simple.  When the body is rebalanced with good food, which means you get good nutrition or you take nutritional supplements, and  with your nervous system realigned, and the mind clarified, then your emotions become natural and dis-ease no longer exists.

Note: I am not a Nutritionist and for any vitamin or mineral supplements you take please consult professional medical advice first.

When you believe you grow “middle aged”, turn gray and lose your teeth at 40 years old , then you do. When you bring these beliefs into consciousness and see the illusion, your mind is clarified and your body will change. You do not have to die at 50 or 60 or 70 . You can live a healthy life for many many more years.

Until the middle of the last century Man was entirely dependent on his food for all the vitamins and minerals he needed.  Sometimes pastures were good, sometimes not. With the huge increase in population and the resultant demand for constant food sources, this necessitated factory farming and processed foods.  On top of this the soil no longer contains the amount of minerals it once did. Vegetables, eggs,  cheese, milk, meat no longer contain what they used to.  If we eat 100% organic, whole foods, we are still not eating as well as our ancestors could have done.

Now here is the problem with this situation, high volume population increase and stress in modern society require high Vitamin and Mineral intake for balancing the body and mind.

The planet itself is always balanced or striving to get there if we let it.  Society, which means you, needs to find the natural sources of vitamins and minerals that are needed to sustain balance for peaceful existence and coexistence to occur.

Beyond replacing the ingredients missing in our food , beyond increasing our intake of these vitamins and minerals to combat stress, beyond the healing of degenerative diseases brought about by a lifetime of faulty nutrition, beyond all these important things, Humanity now needs to take a step further.  Man’s level of consciousness is rising so fast in response to the threat of extinction that we now need  a much fitter, more finely tuned body to house the real powerhouse, you.

One of the best ways to keep your body balanced on a regular basis is to come to our clinic and get adjusted so your nervous system facilitates harmony in your body.

Yours in Health,
John Keane Spinologist

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