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Foundations For a Balanced Life

Dear Patient,

We all want balance. Maybe you’re already there, or maybe you’re getting there. I just want to remind you the pillars of a balanced life.

I have positive thoughts.
I need a positive way of thinking, a clear mind, a stress-free space in my head, where I can stay and grow from. Letting go of things I cannot control and taking in positive energy.

I feed my body good foods.
Avoid certain foods, just give it what it needs. Adjust my meal. Listen to my body. Eat less if I feel like it. Stop doing things automatically, re-think the way I eat.

I move freely.
I need a free body, a stress free mechanical body. I need my muscles to be working everyday, my joints to be used at their full range. I need to feel my physical body and its power everyday. You can think of running, cycling, walking… but also BREATHING. Turn on the internal switch with breathing, feel your lungs take in all the air and exhale pushing everything out.

3 Pillars

Those are your three pillars : Emotional – Chemical – Physical.
These three parts of your well-being are portrayed as a triangle, as one side of the triangle can take over the others, depending on each person.

One pillar the chiropractor will help you with is the physical/structural realm, by delivering the chiropractic adjustment. The chiropractic adjustment is here to take away tension and build strength. There are so many benefits from getting adjusted, better muscle tone, better sleep, more endurance, less tiredness, better flexibility.

My ultimate goal is to make you stronger and allow your body to be self-reliable, and so the other parts of the triangle can rely on it. Getting treated by a chiropractor is helping you achieve balance and be more aware of your health.

So to all my patients who have been off of care for a while, or haven’t been in since the lockdown, I just want to remind you to listen to your body. If you feel a weakness coming back or tension accumulating over time, or just want to be sure everything is strong and aligned, the clinic has re-opened and I am here for you.

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