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Exercise: Your Way to Living Longer

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The word exercise derives from the latin verb, exercere, to train, practice, to keep at work.

Also, it means doing physical activity to make your body strong and healthy.

Yoga is the oldest form of exercise. Yoga cultivates ways of maintaining a balanced attitude in day-to-day life and gives one the skills needed in the performance of one’s actions.

But the truth of the matter is any exercise is better than no exercise.

Some people say they exercise when they feel stiff or have pains in their joints etc.

Well, that’s like waiting for your car to stop moving before you put petrol or oil into it.

Of course, your car is important to you so you constantly watch the petrol gauge and test the oil stick to make sure all is well. And on a regular basis, you get the professional to check it over too. The question is do you do the same for your body?

For instance, did you know that recent studies have shown that to have a healthy brain and to maintain your brain in a healthy state, you need to do regular daily exercise.

Physical activity can improve your cognitive health, (the way and speed of thinking), helping you think, problem solve, and enjoy emotional balance. It can improve memory and reduce anxiety and depression. Any amount of physical activity will help.

I would advise though to exercise early in the morning when you set your mental clock for the day. Then you’re in control and have a much better chance of a positive outcome to your day.

So what exactly goes on in the brain that causes and motivates memory learning and emotional balance.

Cells in the brain are called Neurons. At one end the neuron is like a tree in winter with many branches which collect information from other neurons and this information consists of stimuli and impacts that the body gets through the senses. Once the brain has the information/stimuli it processes and sends a return command to that part of the body whether it’s to a muscle or organ or bones etc. There are hundreds of millions of these actions back and forth in your body each and every day. The nervous system is what the brain uses to communicate back and forth to the body. Naturally keeping your nervous system in good order is a smart move.

This keeps you focused on survival and health. These messages travel at a speed of 168 miles per hour. When you exercise you are activating these functions and really focusing your brain to command the body to function at its best. When you slow down in life like when you take a sabbatical or have a job with fewer hours or simply retire, it’s exercise that fills the gap as it were and exercise provides the missing motivation and purpose.

Oftentimes, the thought of doing exercise is off-putting and we can’t find the motivation to start. But you need to look at it from the other way around. It’s the exercise that will put the motivation back into your life. There’s even a suggestion that exercise rejuvenates brain cells. I know I always feel great after having done some exercise.

So consider doing 15 to 20 minutes of exercise each day to promote a long healthy life and an emotionally balanced you. If you are annoyed at yourself or others, do 20 minutes of exercise and watch it disappear.

Also, come to Get Back Health Clinic this week and get your spine adjusted so as to help your nervous system get realigned. This sets you up for doing a better exercise workout.

Yours in Health,
John Keane, Spinologist

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