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Eat Right For Your Type

Eat Right for Your Type Book CoverIn his book, “Eat Right For Your Type,” Dr. Peter J D’Adamo, outlines the fact that race, skin color, ethnic practices, geographical homelands, or cultural roots are NOT a valid way to distinguish peoples.

“Mankind has a lot more in common with one another than we may have ever suspected. Although the early racial changes seem to have occurred in a world that was composed almost exclusively of type O blood, the racial differences, and dietary environmental and geographical adaptations, were part of the evolutionary engine that produced the other blood types.”

What he is saying here is that mankind started in Africa and the original blood type was Type O. And at that time the diet was game (meat) and berries and fruit. These people moved about.

Then because of expanding populations and reduced game to kill and eat, people were forced out of these areas and they went north and into Europe where they evolved an agricultural type of existence, game being somewhat scarce they learned how to grow wheat and farm and domesticate animals and drink milk and eat dairy products and there blood type change to type A. Other people went east and ate fruits and grains such as rice as well as meat, and there blood type became type B. When the Mongols from Eastern Europe invaded the west of Europe they mixed with the races they conquered and so the blood type AB came into being.

Now you may be forgiven for thinking so what, in modern life, we all seem or tend to get immune related disorders and diabetes and heart problems and blood pressure and skin problems and eye problems and IBS problems.

Well all these groups of different peoples with different Blood types, lived in different parts of the world and ate different foods For Thousands and thousands of years and while they ate the foods from where they lived they remained very healthy and fit.

Then two hundred years ago about 1830 or so the industrial revolution occurred and processed foods and a wide variety of foods become available to most of the people on the planet. And what was hidden and unknown was that when people ate foods that their ancestors didn’t eat they sometimes became ill.

The 4 blood types are O, A, B, AB. So what does all this mean to you and your health? Well it seems everything.

He says in his book, “Blood type, geography and race are woven together to form our human identity. We may have a cultural difference but when you look at blood type, you see how superficial they are. Your blood type is older then your race and more fundamental than your ethnical background”

“Blood type is a far more important way to determine your individuality and similarity than race. For example an African, and a European white person, who are blood type A could exchange blood and organs. But this could not be done with a blood type B of your own race.

The genetic characteristics of our ancestors live in our blood today.

“Blood is a force of nature. A single drop of blood, too small to be seen by the naked eye contains the entire genetic code of a human being. The DNA blueprint is intact and replicated within us endlessly through our blood. Blood carries oxygen to muscles and cells as well as proteins that deliver nutrients to our tissues. It controls platelets that help to clot the blood and it contains plasma that is vital to our immune system.

Your blood type is the key to your body’s entire immune system.

It controls the influence of Viruses, Bacteria, Infections, Chemicals, stresses and as a defense of the entire assortment of invaders and conditions that might compromise your immune system.”

The word immune comes from Latin “immunis” which denoted a city in the Roman Empire that was exempt from taxes. The immune system works to define “self” and destroy “non-self”.

This is a critical function for without it your immune system could attack your own tissue by mistake. Your immune system boils down to two basic functions, recognising us and killing them. Nature has given our immune system a method of determining if a substance in the body id foreign or not.

The method involves chemical markers called “Antigens” (from Greek anti against and gen which means that which is produced) When a foreign body like a virus or bacteria enters the body because it has these unique antigen markers on its surface the body’s immune system initiates a defense response to destroy it as quickly as possible and expel it from the body.

And so it is with our blood types, that they have special antigens or chemical markers which mean that different blood types cannot mix. And if they do mix as in a transfusion of different blood type, antibodies are produced by the immune system to expel the different blood type Dr. Karl Landster made this breakthrough and this stopped the hit or miss in blood transfusions.

And now we come to what all this has to do with your health.

It was also found that Foods had a similar effect on our bodies. It was found that all foods contain a substance called Lectins. A group of proteins that bind or glue up cells, and carbohydrates in the same manner as antibodies and so act to destroy cells and organs in side the body. When you eat a food that contains protein Lectins that are incompatible with your blood type, the Lectins target organs or body systems (kidneys, liver, stomach, etc.) and begin to Agglutinate (to bind or glue to the blood cells in that area.

Now 95% of all Lectins are easily handled by the body but the remaining 5% cause a lot of illness and difficulty for people.

Further it was found that the foods that caused this difficulty to one blood type did not cause any trouble to another blood type. So it was discovered that the foods that were eaten for thousands of years by one blood type were ok in the modern times for the same blood type and other foods that weren’t eaten by that blood type in the distant past sometimes caused a lot of difficulty to the person. It may seem extraordinary to you that blood type has such an effect on the foods we eat but the truth of the matter is that blood type is so fundamental and such a basic quality in the body that it makes sense and of course it has been borne out by results. The discovery provided a scientific link between blood type and diet.

This clumping or gluing can cause Irritable Bowel Syndrome, liver problems, and so on.

For the most part our immune system protects us from Lectins, but at least 5% of Lectins we eat as food can, if they are not supposed to be part of our traditional diet, get filtered into our blood system and they react with and destroy our red and white blood cells.

Get a copy of his book, “Eat Right For Your Type” and make your own mind up.

It is an interesting fact that the tribes who live away from civilization, and eat the same diet as their ancestors did thousands of years ago, have perfect health, have never seen a doctor, have straight  healthy bodies, have straight teeth and live well over 100 years and are very happy.

Also make sure your new year’s resolution is to come to our clinic and get your spine adjusted. Your nervous system controls your body too and you can do something about it this week.

Yours in Health John Keane

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