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Don't Hold Your Breath!

tai chi in the park545 million people in the world had chronic respiratory (airways,lungs and blood vessels,including the muscles that power your lungs) disease in 2017.

The truth is that most people on the planet have at one time or another experienced the effects of breathing incorrectly.

Many times in our history groups such as the Buddhist, the Hindus, and the Chinese Tao, have developed breathing techniques to heal the body and mind and as a result promote health, long life and community and peace.

In modern times Man/Woman is in a disadvantageous position because of his/her physical structure. For instance our mouths have become smaller and we are unable to breathe as our ancestors did. Also we do most of our breathing through our mouths.

All this leads to less oxygen going into our lungs, the result of which means the heart has to work 10 times harder to get the same amount of oxygen into the blood and from there into the whole body.

On top of this we seem to have the mistaken idea that Carbon Dioxide is not part of the body’s vital function towards better health.

In his book “Breath” by James Nestor he writes:

“4 billion years ago our earliest ancestors appeared on some rocks. (we were one celled organisms then). We found a way to eat air. The atmosphere was mostly Carbon Dioxide then. Not the best fuel but it worked well enough. These early versions of us learned to take in this gas, (carbon dioxide) break it down and put out what was left over which was Oxygen. (this process is still carried out by trees today)

Then around 2.5 billion years ago there was enough oxygen waste, that a scavenger organism started to make use of the oxygen and take it in and spit out the carbon dioxide. Thus this was the first cycle of aerobic life (life with oxygen). And oxygen, it turned out, produced 16 times more energy than carbon dioxide.”

Thus evolution moved forward at a much faster pace and here you are today.

Your brain knows intimately the correct amounts of oxygen, carbon dioxide and other gasses that are needed by your body. The trouble is you constantly bypass your brain and get into all kinds of trouble and disease.

Your nervous system needs constant help to reboot and rebalance your bodys’ systems so you live life to its fullest expression.

Spinology offers you that chance to achieve this. Come to Get Back Health this week and get adjusted and see for yourself.

Yours in health,
John Keane, Spinologist

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