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Do you Require Physical Therapy in Dublin?


Are you an active individual who regularly plays sports and requires physical therapy in Dublin? Then you’ve come to the right place, welcome to Get Back Health. We are a highly rated chiropractic and health clinic situated right in the centre of Dublin. We provide a number of services aimed at improving patients’ health and wellbeing, including chiropractic care, physical therapy, exercises and spinology.


Our team is highly qualified and skilled; all our specialists are experts in their field and are well equipped to assist you with your physical injuries and problems. We work with patients of all ages, from young infants to adults and seniors. If you are looking for a professional clinic which is offering physical therapy in Dublin, get in touch with Get Back Health today.


An Introduction to Get Back Health


Our mission at Get Back Health is to provide patients with outstanding health and chiropractic treatment. Ultimately, our objective is to enhance the lives of patients and guide them to a lifestyle of wellness as they heal from the issues that they are experiencing. We pride ourselves on the care and attention we dedicate to patients who are experiencing pain and discomfort in their daily lives. Working in the clinic is a team of dedicated physicians – chiropractors, a spinologist and a physical therapist, each of whom is widely experienced and capable of providing first class treatment to patients of all ages.


If you want to find us, we are situated in the Dublin area, in a convenient location which you can reach by car, foot and other public transport. Primarily, we assist in the care of adults, who visit our clinic at all times throughout the day. In addition to this, we provide treatment services for seniors, infants and teens, expectant mothers and newborns. You can rest assured that our clinic is a relaxed, safe and calm setting where you will feel comfortable speaking to our team and receiving treatment such as physical therapy in Dublin, if need be.


Our physical therapy in Dublin


Get Back Health offers neuromuscular physical therapy in Dublin, which is ideal for injury prevention, as well as the treatment and strengthening of muscles. It is suited to sports athletes, but can be performed on people of all ages and all body types. What it entails is a number of different, proven techniques including stretching, mobility, massage and rehabilitation exercises.


What it does is reduce the pain felt by the patient, so that they can feel healthier and stronger in their daily life. A neuromuscular physical therapy session will look at several different areas including injury, strength testing, postural assessment, gait patterns, rehabilitation exercises, myofascial trigger points and more. If you would like to know more, feel free to check out the dedicated page on our website.


Contact Information for Get Back Health


Should you be in need of physical therapy in Dublin, please get in touch with us today. Our physical therapist is qualified to deal with all types of physical injuries and issues that can arise. If you’d like to speak to us, call us on (01) 66 330 03. To book an appointment, please complete the booking form on our website’s contact page, where you’ll also see pricing specifics, our clinic’s opening hours, and more.


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