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Do You Need Physical Therapy in Dublin?

Experienced an injury and want to address the pain that’s been affecting you? Require professional physical therapy in Dublin? If this is the case, then Get Back Health is the place to visit to treat your injuries, pain and discomfort. We are a centrally located health clinic treating patients of all ages and all body types in Dublin. Our team can treat infants and young children all the way through to adults and seniors.

The physical therapy in Dublin that we provide is ideal for athletes – both amateur and professional, as well as working adults who want to feel better and healthier in their daily lives. Our certified practitioners have all the qualifications and experience required to deliver outstanding therapy that you can trust.

We’re confident that our physical therapy will transform your physical state, revitalising your health and getting you moving to your peak level once again. Why not contact us to enquire about making an appointment today?

First-Class Physical Therapy for All Ages

Here at Get Back Health, we provide physical therapy in Dublin for patients at all age levels and with all body types. Our main treatment is called Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT), and it is specially designed for preventing injuries, treating and strengthening athletes in all disciplines. Whether you’re a rugby player, an amateur runner or a regular cyclist, we can provide physical therapy that rejuvenates your overall physical condition and gets you back out enjoying your sport to the fullest.

NMT utilises a number of different methods – namely massage, mobility, stretching and various rehabilitation exercises. The objective is to reduce the levels of pain that you are currently experiencing, through time-tested techniques and modern science-based exercise regimes. As part of any NMT session, your whole body will be evaluated, not just the affected area. This means that we’ll provide postural screenings, gait analysis and strength testing as part of the overall assessment.

An hour-long physical therapy session in Dublin will typically include the following: assessment of injury, strength testing, postural check, neural entrapment and nerve compression, gait pattern analysis, rehabilitation exercises and myofascial trigger points. Our friendly specialist will make sure that you’re comfortable, reassured and happy throughout the time spent at our clinic. To find out more about our physical therapy in Dublin, check out the dedicated page on our website today.

Request a Physical Therapy Appointment today

If you require physical therapy in Dublin, then Get Back Health is the place to come. To book an appointment to see our qualified physical therapist, call us today on (01) 66 330 03. We can schedule an appointment on a day that works best for you, working around your daily routine.

What’s more, our helpful team is always on-hand to answer any questions you have and give you all the information you require about our physical therapy and chiropractic treatments. You can also use the online form on our website’s contact page, and we’ll respond shortly. To learn more, please check out the Get Back Health website today.

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