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Do You Need to Have a Chat With Yourself?

Mom with baby working from homeSo we are a week to ten days into our new environment. Its called home when we are at work, but many of you are working from home or unable to work due to restrictions at present. So our homes are our work places and tension can build up, inside ourselves which create barriers.

So do you need a plan?

Lets dig a little deeper first before we present the plan.

Are you feeling a bit isolated. Is there a slight resentment towards your house mates, family, kids or just upset with self.

Many of you may recall the simple exercise I have given you where you walk up and down from wall to wall in your living room, stopping and turning and looking and walking. No attention on anything else. Letting all the automotive feelings and mannerisms and thinkings fall away by giving them no attention. Doing this for 5-8 minutes a day really helps.

Looking at this more closely we can see that many actions we do in life are done automatically, from driving to working. How we answer a phone, reacting to shopping, family etc. And if you are living life in this way and to some degree all of us are then control of self is out

So our plan is to put you back in control of you and your body and your connections (men and women are social beings and none survive alone.

IT is vitally important that you, inside your head right now are in control.

The reason this one concept is so important is because the second you feel the least bit resentful annoyed, restrained, angry, antagonistic, fearful, upset, you have at that precise moment cut off the flows of innate or universal intelligence. When you master your abilities and limitations your flows open up. You feel alive and happy again, inside yourself.

Alright this is enough talk, hear the plan.

When you wake up each morning move your body. Do some simple exercise routine when in the bed or on the floor. Everything you do goes through your body one way or another. Moving your body, a brisk walk round the estate, the back garden for 15 minutes every morning or an exercise routine. Once blood flows through your body oxygen and nutrients go into the muscles and waste is removed and the nervous system operates better.

Then eat something very healthy porridge, yoghurt, avocado etc or drink a healthy smoothie.
Read or reread books, courses that improve your motivation, wellness and spiritually.
Don’t get caught up on the drama or negativity. You need to keep it simple and look after yourself and reward yourself.

Send two people every day an appreciation message. You will be surprised the huge positive effect this can have in your life.

Business: Learn something new share it with staff and teach it to others.

Hope this helps. Have fun.

John (Spinologist)

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