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Burnt Out? Feeling Tired? Holidays Here I Come

Woman sitting at table with headacheYou are going on holiday in 3 days’ time. You rush around finishing all those business actions and admin cycles and meetings before you go and you are getting stressed out.

Finally, you close the door to your office. You are off for 2 glorious weeks, life couldn’t be better. But have you been able to mentally close the work door to your mind?

It has been found out that most workers and executives and office workers and all other professions, tend to RUMINATE.

Rumination: means when you repeatedly dwell on the same thought or situation over and over and it consumes your free time. Overthinking can be about the past or the future.

Ruminate latin: to chew over.

This activates the stress response, fight/flight/freeze. If you notice yourself becoming tired, fed up listening to the trivial conversation with family or friends, or that you find yourself having an argument and suddenly you look up and realise there is no one else there, it could be that you are in this stress response and stressed about some aspect of a work situation.

The solution is to change your mind about how you think about work. Don’t look upon work as work but liken it to a game. And one of the rules of the game is that the game stops at 5pm or 6pm, until the next day. Now you need to put some discipline into your rest time and don’t answer emails or texts etc while at home.

Your life is not all about work, the other guys around need some part of you too and you deserve to appreciate the world around you too. Getting your spine regularly adjusted will put you in the best position to achieve these results. Check out for more on this.

Yours in Health,

John Keane, Spinologist

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