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Are you nervous about life? Well Your body is.

Spine modelThe nervous system (Latin; systema nervosum, a system of nerves within the brain and extending down the spinal cord and going to all parts of the body), actually comprises three systems or components.

The first is the Central Nervous System, CNS, and this is central to the body’s structure and workings. It is composed of the brain and its chief nerve, the spinal cord, which runs along the inside of the backbone (spinal and vertebral column). The central nervous system has 43 pairs of nerves, 12 from the brain and 31 from the spinal cord which branch out along the spine to the organs and tissues and every nook and cranny in the body. These branches of nerves out across the body form the second part of the nervous system called the peripheral nervous system.

So the central nervous system can be viewed as the coordinator and decision maker and the peripheral nervous system viewed as the part sending information as sensory input and receiving instructions as motor output to muscles and glands and organs of the body.

The third component is the Autonomic nervous system. The ANS. This has some elements located in the central nervous system and shares some nerves with the peripheral nervous system. It also has its own nerve chains alongside the spinal cord. Its primary role is, “automatic” in that it deals with activities such as blood pressure control, and heart rate adjustment, of which we are rarely aware.

The Autonomic, (self-governing independent without a person’s conscious effort) Nervous System has the key task of maintaining constant conditions within the body.

So, a perfect system with 3 components, what could possibly go wrong?

As a Spinologist I see clients each and every week who have spinal occlusions, which means due to life’s stresses or repetitive actions at work or in sport the nervous system is out of alignment. The effects of this on a person’s body and life in general can be overwhelming and lead to a reduced enthusiasm for the attainment of their goals and purposes and a fixed focus on the body.

Spinology is the art, and technique and practice which allows us to analyse spinal occlusions and assist the human organism in their correction. In this it is a vitalistic philosophy. The brain and spinal cord are the structures which ultimately decide where, when and how the vertebrae will be adjusted. In other words they decide where to “carry” the vertebrae in relation to the vertebrae above and  below  the occlusion which is causing the difficulty. Therefore we can say that “body wisdom” decides where the adjustment goes. I as a Spinologist am trained to understand what the brain and spinal cord want, and I assist in the gentle force to the successful realignment of the spinal column with the result of freeing the nervous system to regain its power to achieve health and livingness.

So come to Get Back Health Chiropractic and Wellness Clinic this week and get your body adjusted and find out for yourself.

Yours in health John Keane Spinologist

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