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Acupressure/Finger Tip Healing

person getting a massage on their upper backIn Traditional Chinese medicine, each internal organ is represented by an external element. Fire represents the heart and small intestine, Earth represents the stomach and spleen, and Water represents the kidneys and bladder. And so on.

The Fire Element in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is the heart of the small intestine. Through the heart, consciousness awakes and life force is activated. Without the heart, nothing works.

The physical structure: the heart has 4 chambers pumping blood. If the heart is clear and unobstructed then we become calm and our thoughts and intuition arise naturally for us to follow.

The heart rules the blood, so it is sacred and valuable and we need to nourish and nurture it regularly. In the modern western culture of push-button and instant access and demand for instant satisfaction, stress accumulates and this affects the heart and the flow of blood around the body.

Here is an acupressure exercise that will help:
Put your hands, palms facing inward, out in front of your chest. About 6 inches between each hand and visualise energy moving from hand to hand. This helps to clean out any blockages in the heart. Next put your hand like before out in front of your chest, with palms facing outwards. Then push a little. You may feel tension on the outside of the arms, which is where the heart meridian runs

The sense aspect of the heart is the face and head. Blood vessels in the face are near the skin.

Next Exercise:
1. Rub hands together to create friction.
2. Next with the tips of fingers and coming out in both sides near the nose and below the eyes rub out words along the cheek.
3. Again using the tips of your finger, rub your scalp from forehead to back of the head over and over.
This helps the blood flow to the brain. Your nervous system is connected to every area of your body, so regularly adjusting your spine really makes sense in today’s world.

Yours in health,

John Keane

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