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A New Vibrant You. Is That Possible?

Woman in fieldI recently listened to a radio broadcast of a Ted show, (influential speakers on life, business, education, creativity).

The gentleman in question had visited remote and not so remote parts of planet earth where he researched people and groups that lived to 100 years-old and had very active lives as well. He found a few common traits. It is worth noting that these people didn’t have any of the “modern” diseases common in many “advanced” western societies.

These are some of the things they regularly did.

  1. They respected their grandparents. Kids were taught from a young age to respect older people and especially grandparents who were given an active role in the next generation. In fact they viewed this bond between the young and the very old as sacred.
  2. They actively created their own food. In modern life it is possible to rent a patch of ground from the council and grow your own veg. etc. This gives a more organic/less pesticide type of food which promotes health in the body.
  3. They drank a lot of herbal teas. Many of the areas could not afford coffee but would substitute it for herbal teas that looked like it but gave more health and ease to the body. Herbal teas promote anti-inflammatory antioxidants.
  4. In some places the doctors would visit each house in their area and check the water for unhealthy compounds and look inside the fridges to see exactly what the people were eating and advise accordingly. This is preventive medicine.
  5. Either people were working in some manual type of job or they did exercise regularly.
  6. There was no TV. They had time for each other and were able to listen to each other and be helpful to each other. People went out of their way to do a good turn.

The gentleman presenting this presentation said that he then picked a small town in America and, without pushing things on the city council, made suggestions. Such as instead of widening the main city streets, to widen the footpaths instead and make a path to the local lake, and connect the neighbouring hamlets to the city centre and encourage people to walk there. The result was that the city centre filled up, the cafes and shops got busy, and the health care bill went down by 205 million dollars.

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Yours in Health John Keane, Spinologist

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