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Dublin Spinology

John Keane, Qualified Spinologist

“I have always been interested in helping my comrades and friends. I considered I had a high confront on life but one day many years ago my Mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and I crumbled. I couldn’t confront her disease and I felt powerless to help. She lived for many years after this but my understanding of her disease stayed low. I looked around and saw that many people when they reach 55 or older suddenly develop major illness such as heart conditions, cancer, parkinsons etc. I did a year of bio medicine which really opened my eyes and made me confront many pathologies of the body.

Then, by chance, I heard about Spinology and I decided to study the course and philosophy which I did under the direction of the European Spinology Tutorium in Valencia Spain. I found a lot of answers I was looking for especially why people suddenly get disease and major illness. While spinology focuses on making the person more able and restoring the nerve communication between the brain and the body it nevertheless goes deep in its physiological understanding of body wisdom and how neglect by a person leads finally to things like disease. I could see how I can really make a difference in peoples lives by advising on how the body works and how simple doable things done on a regular basis can really help each person to lead a full life and achieve their goals. I could see how the practical side of spinology – the adjustments really help the body to be all it wants to be. And external forces such as bad diet and stress can lead to a downward spiral and when each person really takes the responsibility to own their own body and not abuse it that life is happier and healthier and to that end I am dedicated.”

What is Spinology?

Spinology is the action of the spinologist to assist the body to realign the vertebra to where the body wants them to go. This restores nerve communication with the brain so that chemical balance is achieved, thus performance of the individual goes up.

It is a vitalistic profession and practical philosophy and art whose sole objective is to allow people to express the best of their human potential.

The practice of spinology seeks to maintain the mechanical integrity of the spine so that the nerve system is free from interference. This can in fact assist every expression of life.

Every aspect of human performance is controlled by body chemistry, loss of chemical balance always results in loss of performance, ability and quality of life.

For example the hormone noradrenaline is produced by the adrenal glands, which are situated over the kidneys. This hormone is essential for every day living and such as climbing, hoovering, typing etc if this hormone is not being produced at the correct amount required by your body, do you see that you will feel out of sorts, tired maybe and won’t know why.

Conversely, if too much is being produced you may find it difficult to rest and sleep.

Either way chemical imbalances can adversely affect your life style and performance.

Every cell in your body makes chemicals. Chemical balance comes from co-ordination of billions of cells.

This requires incredible communication in your nervous system. So your spine has 24 movable bones, thousands of muscles and millions of nerve fibres. With numbers like these there is a high probability of malfunction and the spinologist helps the body to restore the nerve occlusions.

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