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Dublin Massage/Physical Therapy


Janja Svelc, BSc Ph. Th.

Janja is a Physical Therapist and member of IAPT. IAPT is a Professional Body established to ensure excellence in promoting musculoskeletal health. Janja discovered her passion for running on a regular basis, pushing the limits until she sustained an injury to her ankle. She was fascinated by the mechanics involved in the injury and spent days researching different reasons for the injury.

As it happens, during research she found a course in Physical Therapy at IPTAS, enrolled, graduated in 2016 and realised her vocation. Her treatments are individually tailored to specific client’s needs. Goal of treatment is teaching the clients to manage their musculoskeletal health on their own with tips and pointers and lifestyle changes. She is interested in all sports, and their biomechanics. She was a member of her school’s basketball team so she understands the fast paced game with changing directions, and what it takes to remain injury free.

Janja is originally from Slovenia,the small gem of nature on the south side of the Alps. Life led her to Dublin in 2010 where she discovered the Dublin city’s love for running, cycling and sports in general.

Physical Therapy  €60 for 1 hour.   Special offer new clients €50 for 1 hour.

Rasa Vaitiekiene, RMT

Rasa, Massage Therapist

Rasa has been a professional Massage Therapist since 2013. She has a diploma in ITEC Holistic Massage, certificates in Sports Massage level 3 and Sports and Orthopaedic massage level 4. She still continues to study Sports and Myoskeletal Therapy level 5.

Rasa is an insured therapist with ARCHTI – association of registered complementary health therapists of Ireland.

Sports/ Orthopaedic/ Myoskeletal massage release restrictions in a variety of soft tissues. Techniques are then used to release myofascial restrictions and trigger points, treat any disorganized collagen, restore normal resting tone and joint mobilization.

Rasa came to Ireland in 2013 and immediately fell in love with the country. Not even one year passed when she started to study massage therapy, where it became her passion and job. She really enjoys to enroll in new massage courses and make her knowledge better in her work. This keeps her going, and makes her more motivated when she can see her clients getting better.

When she can find that little free time, Rasa really likes Pilates, reading, and travelling.

Massage €60 for 1 hour.


Physical Therapy €60.00 for 1 hour.  €50 when you book on line.

Massage Services

We offer several types of massage which all:

  • Relieve tension
  • Increase Circulation
  • Can reduce high blood pressure

We offer treatment massage:

  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Sports Therapy Massage
  • Sports Rehabilitation Massage
  • Rehabilitation Massage
  • Physical Therapy

Deep Tissue Massage

This therapeutic massage lasts for 60 minutes, and is €60.00. It includes the use of simple oils.

Massage and physical therapy is available by appointment. €60.00 for 1 hour. €50 when you book online.

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