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What Patients Are Saying

  • I found my first visit really informative and helpful, really made to feel comfortable and at ease. Well done.
    - Karl N.
  • The Physiotherapist was excellent, she really knew what she was doing and explained everything as she went along. My back felt incredible during the treatment and I will certainly be going back again!
    - Hilary J.
  • Very good first experience, I am confident that I will fully benefit from the treatment.
    - Kevin M.
  • Helpful, knowledgeable and professional.
    - Justin M.
  • Great first experience and value for money. I left assured and have no difficulty going back for a second session.
    - Thomas O.
  • Dr Ryder performs miracles! After a couple of years of pain; he sorted me out within half an hour! I’m so so thankful ~ he’s an awesome and highly recommendable doctor 
    - Erin K.
  • Quality health care. Very effective. Thank you
    - Angelina M.
  • I found my first visit really informative and helpful, really made to feel comfortable and at ease. Well done.
    - Karl N.
  • Amazing. I would definitely recommend it. Nice and polite staff. I would like to say thank you.
    - Costel D.
  • John saw me straight away and thought me some things I didn’t know about my body :)
    - Kevin W.
  • Just very happy with my experience.
    - Helen O.
  • Everyone was extremely helpful, Janja is brilliant at her job as a physical therapist, I would highly recommend her to anyone with muscular problems. I will 100% be back. Thank you.
    - Sandra O.
  • Amazing staff so friendly and nice. These people really know what they are doing and they are amazing at it.
    - Rebekah B.
  • A positive experience.
    - Keith B.
  • Very good staff. Chiropractor knew my problems before I even mentioned them to him. Very highly rated.
    - Andrew H.
  • I had a session with Dr. Patrick Ryder who was very helpful, knowledgeable and very professional. Many thanks.
    - Una G.
  • Very good experience. Elaine super helpful and Patryk very thorough!
    - Siobhan D.
  • I’ve finished my 3rd session with Patrick, and I’m booked in for 9 more. Why? Because after the 2nd session I felt a change in my mood, my posture and most importantly in the pain in my back. I am a website designer so I am most of the day at my computer… Read More
    - Elizabeth
  • Impressed by the system of analysis of problem and subsequent illustration of correction procedure.
    - John S.
  • I feel better already after just one session.
    - John M.
  • Thank you so much Dr Patrick., my pain is gone. You are very professional
    - Lizeth S.
  • I thought I would be feeling a bit tired but surprisingly I feel much better than when I arrived! Thank you
    - Auora A.
  • It was a pleasure to attend and I feel confident I’ll find a solution. Many thanks.
    - Sandra E.
  • Was great, my back pain is much better now.
    - Viviane F.
  • A pleasant visit!
    - Jonathan E.
  • I was so happy leaving, and I thought it was an amazing experience. My neck has mobility it’s so good! I’ve sent 3 of my friends of your clinic. Great professional service absolutely thrilled!
    - Fiona G.
  • Myself and my wife have been a customer at the Get Back Health Chiropractic and Health Clinic and have nearly finished our 12 week sessions. The treatments have been very successful, more than each of us could have thought. We did our appointment together and got a couples discount which was a big help…Read More
    - David & Orla

At Get Back Health Chiropractic and Wellness Clinic, we are focused on community wellness – we’d like to see every person who calls Dublin home live a natural and healthy lifestyle.

We practice what we preach, with healthy doctors and team members who are excited to share their own life experiences and help you reach your health goals.

Come in and check out our team of highly qualified and friendly practitioners, we offer chiropractic care, reflexology and massage therapy.

Get pain relief with lasting results. Claim our special offer below and live your best life!

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Dublin Chiropractor, Dr. Patrick Ryder

Dr. Patrick Ryder

Meet Dr. Patrick Ryder

“As a chiropractor I tend to focus on overall health and the physical mechanics of the body,” says Dr. Patrick. “People come in with pain and I treat them, but also educate them that pain is the last sign of dysfunction.”

Dr. Patrick teaches that our modern lifestyles, full of stress and stressors in our environment, is opposed to the natural design of the spine and it can’t cope with that. He teaches patients to make healthy changes which support spinal health and promote general good health. The most fulfilling part of chiropractic for him is getting to be a part of changing lives and making people feel great again.


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